Discovering the Magic of Harvest 2023

On the bank of the Tastavins River are born our vineyards, which extend raising the view to the feet of an ancient farmhouse located at the top of the valley. In this unique spot is the Bodega Mas de Llucia, a true paradise for wine lovers.

The Harvest 2023 was more than just a harvest, it was a unique experience for our visitors where they were participants of this great moment. The day where all the illusion and effort of the whole year is gathered.

The day began with an exciting adventure through the vineyards of the Finca Mas de Llucia. The visitors raised on board of the todoterrenos 4×4 that took them to the plot that that day was the protagonist, offering majestic panoramic conference of the environment.

The heart of the harvest is, of course, the harvesting of grapes. The end of a stage, a day that happens once a year.
Visitors became winemakers for a day. This direct connection with the land and the vine gave them a deeper appreciation of the craftsmanship involved in producing quality wine. Guided by experts in oenology, they understood the symbiosis between varied- terroir that results in wines of unique and distinctive character. Touching the grape with their own hands, selecting the clusters and picking them made them feel part of this beautiful project.

The visit continued in the winery’s elaboration room, where the winemaking processes were revealed before the visitors’ curious eyes. After welcoming the grape into the cellar, already stored in the warehouses, the feeling of satisfaction can only be celebrated in one way. Something you can’t miss at an event like this, wine. Attendees were able to enjoy a guided tasting of the vintages of 2021 and 2022, where they discovered the magic through a careful selection of wines.

The experience culminated with a delicious menu of four passes paired with wines from the winery. This banquet was served in the same winery, on a large porch with unimaginable views, creating an intimate and special atmosphere that highlighted the harmony between food and wine.

In short, the Harvest 2023 in Mas de Llucia was not only a harvest, but a complete immersion in the world of wine. From grape picking to tasting and paired food, every moment was a celebration of the passion and wine tradition that make this winery truly unique.

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