Sustainability as a
transversal strategy

Sustainability is a transverse strategy in this hotel, led by the owners, and supported by all the team that forms Torre del Marqués. The hotel’s operating manual includes certain initiatives in this regard. We have established some metrics during the rehabilitation of the hotel, as well as in the operational execution of the same (nearby Suppliers, own products, local employees) and work on incorporating in the medium term others such as the measurement of Emissions CO2, in order to implement measures that allow us to compensate these emissions to reach zero emissions in this year.

Here we write our principles and values, structured on the three most important axes of our philosophy: PLANET, PEOPLE AND PRODUCT. These principles are the basis of our work, serve as a guide, and are constantly evolving with the aim of becoming more and more sustainable.

For us, sustainability consists of fair cooperation with our suppliers, involvement in the continuous training of our employees, ensuring their professional growth, and the commitment to use prudently the available resources. Each of us must step forward in building a model that will allow us to give our children a better world.

Our firm commitment is based on the care of our Planet, trying to use the least resources possible, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, and limiting waste. Likewise, we enact fair trade among the People who integrate this project, from local producers and suppliers. Our restaurant is located in an old farmhouse rehabilitated by artisans of the area, with natural materials obtained from the farm that surrounds it or brought from nearby locations and extracted in a respectful way with the environment

Considerate Collection will be the new standard of SLH to bring together within the same community those hotels of luxury actively sustainable focused beyond the ecological. Torre del Marqués, in Teruel, and Hotel Arima & Spa, in San Sebastián, are the only two national SLH-stamped hotels to be selected within this certification.



The building is designed to make limited use of energy resources, thanks to its north orientation, the use of natural thermoregulating materials and high quality insulators. In addition, our restaurant is located in a greenhouse space that allows you to collect solar heat in the cold months. Our commitment to the planet and the environment is also reflected in the responsible use of energy and the way of obtaining, using photovoltaic solar panels and biomass boilers, fed by splinters extracted from the surrounding forests.

We devote time and effort to reducing carbon footprint as much as possible, using proximity products, to removing plastic from our manufacturing and supply chain, constantly striving to improve our practices. As well as, we conveniently recycle and reuse all generated waste.

In addition, we use organic waste to convert them into fertilizer for the organic orchard, vineyards and olive groves, directly in our composter, thus allowing to increase the production of them in a natural way. At the same time, the water used to water the orchard comes from natural rainfall, which is collected in a raft and then used efficiently. We also purify the water we use in the hotel and restaurant, and it is used to water the olive groves located on the farm. From these olive groves we extract our own olive oil.



We care about our customers and their quality of life. We care about the work quality of our employees and we bet on their professional careers, investing continuously in their training, also ensuring that they have a good personal development. We try to maintain working days that allow family and social conciliation, being also fair in the remunerations received.

In addition, we maintain close contact with our suppliers and producers, we try to inform us of their processing processes and the extraction of raw materials that they make, in order to achieve the highest quality and freshness in our dishes, incorporating, as far as possible, sustainable foods.

At the same time, we want to increase the great work they do, making our customers aware of the information about them so that they can visit them, taste and purchase their products directly. We would like to be able to contribute to the transformation and improvement of the economic and social environment, building a fairer and more sustainable world, therefore we carry out Fair Trade and responsible trade initiatives with our suppliers.



What we do not produce ourselves, we obtain from suppliers that appreciate and work sustainable crops, striving to minimize the impact of their activity on the environment and to maintain local varieties with small seasonal farms. Our green pantry is located just a few steps from our kitchen.

We have two organic orchards: one in summer and one in winter, which allows us to work with fresh vegetables of great nutritional value, practically all year round.

We are recovering the farm’s old agricultural production. Four years ago we resumed the cultivation of vineyards, planted fifty years ago and introduced new native varieties. We also produce several Farm Wines in our own organic winery, which can be tasted in the restaurant.

We have begun to recover our olive grove, obtaining AOVE from the varieties Empeltre and Picual, which have become part of our tasting of oils of proximity of Bajo Aragón. Over the next few years, we will recover benches occupied by cherries, almonds, apples and membranes.

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